Is Kissanime Down?

KissAnimeThere are many stories and rumors making rounds in the Kissanime’s community while it is down. People have their own theories and beliefs stating the reason behind the Kissanime discontinuation.

Here, we are with the actual reason and an alternative for the problem. The Kissanime instantly discontinued and even its proxy sites disappeared. In addition to that, many people who approached the websites’ moderator got the reply about the website is undergoing development.

You can use this website to check Up Time of KissAnime —->

All those tales reached to an end when the developers/makers of the Kissanime website introduced Kissanime app. This was the reason, that the Kissanime official website went off all of sudden.

However, there is an option to use the Kissanime resources apparently. It has all the media files because the source servers and mediums are supposedly the same. In addition to that, the application is a vibrant and versatile one that is compatible with all the gadgets/OS. In fact, now you can download the media effortlessly after an easy installation.